Saturday, 9 June 2007


Osprey Therian, Salazar Jack, Enjah Mysterioso Mysterio, and many others performed today at the Pantheon Hall on Info Island. I have watched commedia in Italy, Pulcinello in London and guignol in Lyon, but today's performance, described as vaudeville, featured escaping giant serpents, flame throwing, ballet à la hippopotame, and many other delightful, astonishing and talented acts. A grand time was enjoyed by the audience who rarely kept quiet, and nearly fainted away on several occasions from excitement.


Salazar Jack said...


Thank you so much for coming to watch the show, and for posting some photos from it. We had a great time doing it and look forward to many more shows, many more acts and new faces making their debuts. Please note, Enjah's last name is Mysterio–not Mysterioso, though I think she is muy mysterioso! The others in the toupe for this particular show were Ida Keen, Theodore Polonsky, Lucy Tornado, Maxie Schneider & Vlad Bjornstad. Also scheduled were Elle Michabo and Crystal Ball, but both were unable to attend tonight's performance. Thanks again!

Young Geoffrion said...

I wish I had captured you in serpentine form, Salazar, but you slipped clear out of view every time I looked up. Congratulations to all for a fine performance, an indication no doubt of many more to come.