Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Doctor Theophrastus Fluxus

All my time recently has been spent entertaining the remarkable Doctor Theophrastus Fluxus, necromancer and alchemist, arrived from the Orient to perform in my act for The Show Must Go On. Student of Paracelsus and Henry Cornelius Agrippa, she has been in my crypts refining materia prima, containing incompatible opposites in the most violent conflict! I say she, but I am in doubt if this extraordinary individual is indeed a man or a woman. Her diabolic power over the elements of nature appear to have been obtained at some dear price to body, spirit and soul. Work on building is arrested while I attend her preparations for a publick demonstration of her art.


Enjah said...

We look forward to the unveiling of the hidden truths of the Operation of the Sun! From the Confessio: "Were it not sufficient so to sing and play that instead of stoney rocks you could draw pearls, instead of wild beasts spirits, and instead of Pluto you could soften the mighty princes of the world?" May you so sing and play, o Alchemist!

Osprey said...

In truth you will have an audience on either side of you when you perform as the other players will be as rapt as the audience.