Monday, 25 June 2007

Magickal Mayhem

To my self-appointed titles of adventurer, raconteur, and architect I now add a fourth: performer of magick. I have agreed to create an act for The Show Must Go On, and have spent this week industriously studying the arcane art of magickal code and daemonic communication. I have learned to summon alchemical diagrammes and set them a-spin. I have learned how to make common objects communicate silently among themselves, vanish and reappear in a different aspect, all in preparation for directing the operation of my stage-pieces without the assistance of a stage crew. I have long known such incantations existed, but survived my first year in this Life without ever opening the pages of that mystical book (it appeared to be Welsh at first glance).
I have conjured a daemonic stage manager, who will command by name the props and stage flats nearby to leap into position or exit offstage, or perform any other small transformation I require, all in concert with my performance.
Having tasted of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, other food is as dust! Summoning and silent suggestion, conjuring illusions and the manipulation of matter at a distance are now within my power. I thirst to know more! The devil himself cannot stop me!

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