Saturday, 30 June 2007

Historia's Books

Second Life readers will have to excuse a diversion from in-world interests, but those of you hopelessly bound to the Eighteenth Century as I am, or who feel misplaced in time, may appreciate this site. One gains much over three centuries of existence; but they are balanced by losses as surely as if kept in a counting house ledger. My losses have been libraries; several, to fire and to water, some to carelessness of their stewards while I was abroad adventuring. One book I have managed to keep was recently noted in Historia's Books, where other old friends are mentioned. Today my library again grows quicker than the space enclosing it, and my shelves groan anew under their burthen.

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Tinsel Silvera said...

Thank you for pointing the way to a site for books of the past. I too am an avid reader and book lover. I have only glanced at the site but plan to return after this posting to spend more time. I will be the one off in the corner absorbed in antique text. {:o)