Saturday, 23 June 2007

Out of Body Experience

I have recently experienced a sense of not being quite right in my skin - and now have proof in these pictures. I often find myself separated from my attachments, my hair, and most unflattering, my eyeballs. On occasion my upper body chooses to face in the opposite direction that my feet want to go. As I move, I appear to leave trails of scalped heads hanging in the air behind me. As no one else has remarked on my frequently horrifying appearance, I have put it all down to illusion, or perhaps the onset of dementia. This phenomenon normally occurs in the first few minutes after teleporting and will gradually cease the longer I stay in a place.
Do tell me if you notice I have gone out of my skull, won't you?


Young Geoffrion said...

Choosing Avatar vertex program neatly solved that problem.

Osprey said...

Thank heavens there was a cure.