Saturday, 23 June 2007

Fragile Existence

What a perfectly lovely evening I enjoyed last night. Quite by accident I stumbled into the gentle kingdom of Bodhi and met a peaceable pirate named Thim Yifu and a wise practitioner of Tai Chi named Taichi Pontopiddan (do you know your surname descends from one of the first natural historians in Denmark?). Soon we were joined by Tara Yeats and Bee Quatro, and then others, quickly becoming a witty crowd trying to keep our balance on a slippery slope. No Buddhist backsliders here!
But the crowd kept growing so Bee and Thim and I stole away to meditate and chant. It's easier to approach enlightenment when one can control the movement of the sun and cast all into the rosy hues of twilight!
I stole away again to ask Osprey a question about rehearsals (having ignored a pile of correspondence that answered them perfectly well) and some remnant midsummer magic transformed us into moths, with lives just as ephemeral. We flitted through the air over Orion handsome and free, but had to part, too soon, too soon! As the void claimed me the last thing I heard was Mothra-Osprey declaiming: "I just love Second Life!"

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