Friday, 15 June 2007

Lord and Master of All She Surveys

To the best of my knowledge I have been an original land owner on Orion since the estate was created. Over the past year, most of the land surrounding my modest plot on Orion was bought from their original owners by Fender Estates, ostensibly to offer refuge to small woodland creatures. Instead, large homes were erected that never seemed to be inhabited. I saw nary a patch of fur the entire time I have lived here. Today I discovered this mysterious neighbour had abandoned all his land. Without hesitation I purchased the piece of land immediately to the west, doubling my own holdings.
Suddenly I have a wealth of space and building materials available for new constructions. I hardly know where to begin. Shall I resurrect my villa? Complete the Radcliffe Camera? Enlarge the crypt? Or found a theater?
There is still one more unsold plot between Tempietto and the forest - it's not expensive, but the taxes become onerous - What shall I do?


Osprey said...

Yes to all the choices, but especially yes to the theatre!

As far as taxes - yes, they are not to be undertaken lightly. Years ago Philip talked about the need for more "granulation" in tier charges. As it hasn't come to pass I think LL has decided it to be in their best interest to keep the giant's stairsteps we have now.

Cherowolf Redgrave said...

I agree with Osprey. A theatre is always a nice feature to find when touring around SL. Send me an invite to the grand opening! {:o)

Pablo Andalso said...

Oh, you must have a folly!

It would enhance the sense of space in your vicinity while, at the same time, save prims for your country house.

Young Geoffrion said...

A theater it shall be, then!