Sunday, 15 March 2009

The View from My Window

Looking east over the Bolinas Marina.

Looking west toward Cowell along the inland waterway.

When I first visited Bodega with Salazar Jack, my draw distance was at a minimum setting, and I fell in love with what seemed to be a quiet riverine valley. When I returned to build, I discovered to my surprise that my lovely mountain view is really dotted with boxy builds. Ah well, being near-sighted has its advantages, and changing draw distance is more effective than a topiary screen.

Major construction is now complete, with a little texture touch-up yet to do. At least I wanted to get this much done before leaving for China; I didn't want to be a bad neighbour and leave an unsightly mess in my adopted home. The interior is cold and bare but decorating may just have to wait. I may still do a bit of landscaping just to tidy up a bit outside. That will mean terraces, because I am working with intractable granite. At least I am building on firm, igneous ground.


Enjah Mysterio said...

You are a good neighbor and you will be sorely missed while you are away.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I'll be sure to pass by while you are away and take your letters in.

I love the views you have - the twinkling sea over the marina is where I was flying my couch recently (I hope to post about that adventure soon, but in the meantime here is a link to a picture:

And the waterway through Davenport/Bodega is where you will often find Enjah tacking the wind in her wee Tako (