Friday, 13 March 2009

Construction Underway

Construction of my new residence is now underway in Bodega; first storey walls and half the columns have gone up. The rest should move along quickly. The textures seem a little soft: there are only eight so far, plus one for shadows on the ground, all at 512x512. I daren't make 'em much larger, or one will spend half a day just waiting to see what I put so much effort into: custom renderings of the elevations. However, after the major construction is complete, I may find ways to reduce the number and size of textures and selectively increase the resolution for important parts and details.
You may notice the window don't open. That will be corrected in time.
Naturally the interior is stripped bare. Decorating will be a project all on its own. As the exterior is a neo-classical doric order, I'm thinking Empire or Sheridan, and I have a secret fondness for Biedermeier, but that's getting ahead of myself at this stage.
Still on track for completion by early summer, though it's always summer in Bodega!


Osprey said...

Looks fab!

Enjah Mysterio said...

I read that the original was larger inside than it was outside ... am I dreaming?

Young Geoffrion said...

The scale of the windows and doors of the original Casino at Marino are so exaggerated, the building appears smaller than it really is. In fact, there are sixteen rooms on three storeys inside. The windows on the original Casino hide the partitioning walls. I have scaled my version more modestly, and intend to enjoy the view from my windows.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

It's really coming along - I'm hoping to be in-world later this week and I will pop over to see your handiwork in the flesh... er, stone, I mean