Monday, 2 March 2009

New Home

Mere minutes from Osprey and Enjah, I am starting to get settled in Bodega. No doubt I shall shift around a bit as I experiment with building styles and living arrangements, but I have staked my claim and erected four doric columns to mark my territory in the meanwhile. I am very much looking forward to residing so close to friends, and being a part of the Jack Phyneas Memorial Trust. I look upon the move as a new chapter in my life, with all the excitement that goes with it. Permit me a few months to settle in (I am known to take my time), then allow me to invite you to a party in celebration of the new digs.

I have much to do over the next months, in no particular order of importance, but a little at a time:
1. build a house (trees and tents suit my nomadic friends, but I need an atrium, a porch and a library for my comfort!);
2. hold an art exhibition at Enjah Mysterio's gallery in Nova Albion;
3. locate Dr. Fluxus and the remains of his Alchemickal Theatre to make a machinima with Osprey;
4. establish an architectural practice;
5. continue my memoirs and move them to their own website.
6. resurrect some long-neglected friendships.


Osprey said...

I shall leave my card and hope to be received.

Young Geoffrion said...

I shall always be at home for you. I try to make few demands on my friends, but I burden you three, Osprey, Enjah and HBA, with this obligation: to visit and frequently!

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

You got it :)

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

By the by, who is Dr Fluxus? And what is his Alchemikal Theatre?