Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Construction has Begun!

Well, not yet in Second Life, but I am laying foundations in Blender. Here is a progress report.

Doors and windows are next, a rooftop balcony and a frieze, then I shall texture and bake the lights and shadows into the image files, bring those into Second Life and rebuild a lower resolution version with prims.

Why? Because plywood gives me splinters, and I want all my textures ready before the first prim goes up.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Soooo, once made in Blender how do you get it into SL?

Young Geoffrion said...

One rebuilds. The point of doing it in Blender first is:
1. Planning: it's easier to fuss with meshes in Blender than it is with prims in Second Life. Once I know how big everything must be, I can rebuild it with prims.
2. Textures: I can bake all the high resolution, ambient illuminated, ray-traced and radiosity rendered results under a variety of lighting conditions to image files that will give my prims the illusion *waves fingers over your eyes* of reality.
In theory.
We shall see how this works.

Salazar Jack said...

I too get the splinters, so I usually cast my builds in concrete before I finish them. Something about working with stone...