Tuesday 25 September 2007

Eyelashes restored

Ladies, whose bright eyes
Rain influence, and judge the prize.

Tis a small thing, a hair on the lid of a tinie eye. But it frames the windows of an infinite soul.

Thank you, Osprey, eyelash malfunction resolved. And thank you Dandellion for your kind suggestion which I shall consider when next I go to market.


Anonymous said...

Ah the lashes of the dainty maiden are finally visible to the admiring eyes of her public!

Anonymous said...

Dainty? Dainty! Bring your rapier, Enjah, and this maiden will show you who is dainty! I shall carve your mohican into dainty patches!

Anonymous said...

I fear your wrath, but I believe your desire for visible lashes betray a feminine heart.