Tuesday 25 September 2007


I toured the Basilica of St Francis Assisi yesterday. This magnificent build is one of the reasons I came to Second Life: to see art and architecture in its spatial context, to swim in light and dimensionality, to escape the flat prison of the printed page. The care taken here is a testament to the devotion of its artists and their respect for the work of Cimabue and Giotto, displayed so magnificently upon its walls. Repeated textures have been sparingly employed with ingenuity so as not to spoil the richness of the walls and ceilings, each one a unique painting. Golan Holder, Quozar Winx (whom I met at the basilica), Testsuo Allen, Brando Dovgal, Sarg Bjornson, Giulio Perhaps, and Agnes Noel have done a great thing, and I look forward to their future collaborative creations.
Alas, you have noticed I was so struck with wonder I failed to remove my hat. How uncouth and impious.

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