Wednesday 25 August 2010

A catalogue of vanishing things

  1. waves upon the stony strand
  2. her lover's tears, all too soon
  3. parallel lines in perspective drawn
  4. the mist on the lake
  5. the call of the loon
  6. our heroine's innocence
  7. the tigers in bengal
  8. the bees in my garden
  9. the leaves in the fall
  10. academics who speak latin
  11. modesty and candour
  12. empty space on the bookshelf
  13. the basilisk, the salamander
  14. present mirth and present laughter
  15. idle time and solitude
  16. our dancing days, for better or worse
  17. the starried sky
  18. the weight of my purse
  19. the strangeness of the world
  20. the ice in my glass
  21. my nearsighted view and my spectacles (again)
  22. the time left to you
  23. my memory of your past
  24. the sun in the sky
  25. the ink in my pen

I have become a lost name once more, and keep the company of other rare and dwindling things; a shadow, a pin.