Saturday 28 February 2009

Monday 2 February 2009


My pictures of famed fleas Frollo, Hugo, and Esmerelda were confiscated as I tried to smuggle them out of the Eleanor Theatre, but I saw their tragic tale unfold in rehearsals this weekend, and can only say the newest Show Must Go On players have scaled new heights of artistry, have leaped into great voids of daring, burn with such passion for their work, and spin such a carousel of wonder and delight, it will send you home itching for more. What more can one ask from theatre than the miracles of life, death and love from the cleanest bloodsuckers on the planet?

Between rehearsals I had the opportunity for a little bloodletting of my own at the Combat Cards arena. My strategy of drawing cards at random slowed down my unrelenting opponent, but did not save me from a gory defeat on the Stump of Fallen Heroes at the hands of Osprey. Doc Boffin, Vlad Bjornson, Michalius Oppewall demonstrated lively spirit and their idiosyncratic choice of weaponry, and even Enjah showed up for a fight. My rapier repartee and finely honed puns managed to make a hash of Doc's video recording, but you can visit the new Combat Cards YouTube site for other thrillng moving pictures.