Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Shades and Lanterns

How else does one tame a ghost? Capture it on film! As I ran about quite beside myself in alarm, Osprey Therian calmly pointed her Combat Card Camera and froze the monster in his tracks. But after several days there is still no sign of the Doctor or Pantalone! I have resumed work on the stage props, and push ahead with my conjurations and spells, ever mindful of the Doctor's debut.

I paid a visit to the NMC Theater. What an impressive curtain! What a magnificent venue!

The avenue that proceeds in front of my land comes to a stop not far away, from which point I look out on the slopes of Pegasus and Azhar. Some kind soul has placed a lanthorn there, so the stroller preoccupied with the beauty of the landscape will not fall off the end. There is something magical about the place where the sidewalk ends that is full of wonder and promise, a domestic symbol of a distant frontier, the beginning of adventure.

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