Saturday, 4 August 2007

On Stage!

Dedicated to our audience:
Poets are kings of wit, and you appear
A parliament, by playbill summoned here.
Whene'er in want, to you for aid they fly,
And a new play's the speech that begs supply.

Undergrowth with nearly the entire company. It's a bird eat spider eat fly world out there!

Maxie Schneider, Osprey Therian and Salamander Maroon, the three Latifas at the Oasis, complete with jingling jewelry.

Nice Headphone, Lucy Tornado and an appreciative audience (hecklers will be recycled).

The audience from a passing Linden airship.

Droplettes (five of us, plus Enjah as a swizzle stick)

As Osprey said, this was one of the best Shows ever. Low lag, only a rare costume mishap, and what the audience doesn't know about what we do not wear inside our costumes will do them no harm (voyez, Enjah, I did post that to my blog!). Even Osprey was smiling. One heckler in the audience of more than thirty (whose comments could not be heard backstage) tried the performers' composure but they continued, unflappable, excepting those that had wings. Even as an occasional actor (and my first time on stage before a breathing audience in more than a century - they were breathing, weren't they?), I was so proud I feared I would burst green phlegm in all directions. Well, once infected, you shall never wish to do anything else but act, act, act. Or leap like a jack-on-a-stick wearing a jiggle of punch to disguise the utter loss of all your dignity. Back on stage tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

That was the best show ever - such fun!