Thursday, 25 October 2007

Strange Encounter

"We have stood prettily much too long," I said to Osprey after we conversed about China and teaching art for the better part of an hour, "We should stretch our legs and find an admirer." For what better way to cheer one's self than go begging for compliments?
Osprey suggested New Babbage, where I had never been, and we presently arrived at a lonely train platform, haunted by a shade in a pretty blue dress and raven tresses amply piled upon her head. We were alarmed at first, but the phantom invited us to approach and delivered a prognostication! I shuddered as if we were Banquo and Macbeth before the Weird Sisters, but she was a solitary shade who spoke so equably and gently, we were much reassured. She spoke first to Osprey (whom I shall let reveal what was said, if it please her) and then turned to me. "Look to the stars," the phantom said, and "Much is expected of you, Young Geoffrion!" and more besides before she vanished.
A strange encounter! What does it portend?


Osprey said...

Yes, she was a polite shade and the encounter was peculiar but not terrifying. I was somewhat taken aback by being called "sir," but perhaps the trousers made her think such to be appropriate. She exhorted me to seek the supernatural as therein would lie my joy. I think that's what she said, anyway.
I fear the trains run irregularly in New Babbage.
After we parted I continued for a few minutes to Port Babbage, which would be worth exploring fully.

Young Geoffrion said...

Strangers altimes address me as Sir, which suits me for I have not been treated kindly as a woman and am jealous of those freedoms men enjoy. I have even had one poor creature declare her love (and offer to serve me as a slave) after a pleasant afternoon's conversation which turned strange, until I disabused her of her mistake.
I was sorry to rudely leave so soon after we arrived in New Babbage, and look forward to exploring further with you, Osprey.