Tuesday, 9 October 2007

A Sticky End

After the devil knows how many months I at last had a couple of brief hours to spend in Second Life. Like any good adventurer I looked about my neighbourhood to see what had changed while I had been absent. What a delight to discover a gallery district has sprung up not far from my home in Orion, with some ten or so art galleries across the street from the home of my friend and fellow architect Pablo Andalso, all of which I shall explore in more detail and report on in good time.
But I was longing to see a familiar face, and as if having received my most devout and earnest thoughts, Osprey replied to an message I had left, announcing her own immanence and saintly return to the world! She was finishing up some building in Bodega, but abandoned it with a bah! and we chatted, then pinned ourselves to a card, hoping possibly to be collected by a passing lepidopterist. But that is quite normal in Second Life: one enters on a wing and a prayer, and ends up crucified for silly science.
At the first chance I get, I shall be back, for my time with Osprey was much too brief, and I burn with impatience to see Enjah, Salazar, Ida (if she can be persuaded to return), and my other dear friends. There is no law that one must spend three days harrowing hell after one is crucified so expect me before long, singing with singed wings.

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