Saturday, 20 October 2007

Idle Afternoon

It has been ages since I have frittered away an idle afternoon with friends.

Enjah and Salazar engage in a little horseplay during rehearsal (taken earlier this week on Phobos), Enjah no doubt mindful of the burden she needs place on her hippo every weekend while dancing.

Ida and Theo as Polonsky and Keen (or are they Keen and Polonsky?) before a smaller, not always appreciative audience. The couple in front row suffered a disturbing illness throughout the show, and made ungenerous comments to Caitlin while she was in wildlife form, proving that you can choose your parents but you cannot choose your audience. Sharp words were said about a deficit of manners displayed in the pit, but I am less concerned about our own sensibilities as performers (we are vaux-de-ville players after all!) and more worried over the impression left on our more gentle members of the audience.

We danced backstage to delightful music, but in my eyes not everyone had returned to normal size after Shindigging as tinies. I would later suffer the same fate.... It's not often one stands so tall next to Salazar, so I did not mention it. We were happy to have Os back with us and electrified! Memory Harker replied to an IM and joined us before Osprey and Enjah left, and the two of us caught up on news before being joined by Furkettle, er, well with a name like that it's no wonder I don't remember his last name! Furkettle collects avatars (I wish we had Osprey's butterfly board to display 'em) and ran through some for us, mostly large and mechanical, clearly compensating for something, but I'm not sure what.

We all retired to my home in Orion, and were joined by this delightful creature in the most wonderful hair by Analog Dog (Queue Marlowe) and an exotic name.

Anhinga Chaika.

Furkettle is also a photographer and he showed us a lovely collection of his portraits, including several of Anhinga, who astonished us by declaring she was a grandmother!

Enjah later joined us (her beasts having dined I suppose) and I was especially delighted to run through my scene changes for Doctor Fluxus with a live and healthy audience, though much prone to puns and wordplay, which is highly contagious and for which I am poorly innoculated.

I cannot say what happened at this point, for in Enjah's view of the world I had kneeled and never returned to my feet, making obeisance to all and sundry cardinal points of the world, while I thought I stood quite straight. One learns never to trust one's perspective in this slippery Second Life. Enjah decided the kneeling knave deserved to be raised to peerage, but I was really just looking at the reflection of my face in her polished shoes, vain creature that I have become! You are invited to prepare your own caption.

Thank you to each and all for making it a perfect day!

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Salazar Jack said...

After having watched Salazar piggyback on Enjah's shoulders, Young decided that Enjah deserved a ride and knelt to offer her a perch.