Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Scale and Importance

Even as my neighborly vicinitas begins to fill in and new wilderness opens up nearby for exploration, I am finding my spare moments consumed by Construction and Improvements, courtailing any chance to adventure beyond familiar fields and greens, or to pay social calls on new friends. Obligations prevent frequent visits, so work has progressed slowly. Though it appear grand, the villa is smaller than many other local dwellings, and I think it is solely the effect of its Classicism that lends it Scale and Importance. I am finding many of the rooms barely large enough for an unobstructed view and most of the corridors must be navigated with fingers outstretched and still result in unpleasant bumpings of the shins and crown. So in the end it is a very modest villa, soberly decorated, temperately scaled, moderate and measured.

But it is my villa and I shall fill it with all sort of treasure!

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