Saturday, 28 October 2006

A busy day

Rarely have I the luxury to spend an hour in this Life. Yesterday I purchased the accoutrements of a Dark Life adventurer and marched into a boggy forest, populated by vermin, not unlike the courts of many noblemen I know. These rats, mosquitoes, and other unspeakables were there for the slaying, however, and as I struck a pose for this self portrait a monstrously large rodent took advantage of my inattention to make his move. Needless to say I survived its cowardly attack, but I have to wonder if there is not more to this pastime besides swatting at flies and hauling a heavy rucksack over soggy ground. The sword is quite handsome, all the same.

After dispatching the vulgar vole, I returned to my home in Orion and invited my kin Amorpheous (we share the surname, but no family resemblance) to visit.

Amorpheous is now a Master Coder (seated on the right), and seems quite full of novelties, and a surprising collection of amusing behaviours. He was soon joined by his friend Electron Electricteeth, a nine-foot ivory tower in red and black, whose eyes are perpetually covered by a shock of red hair. We followed Electron to his new home, watched him perform Phoenix Jutsu (don't ask) and went swimming. Amorpheous showed us his giant spoon (again, don't ask). In the painting, Electron is telling us the shocking storu of how he was given his remarkable name.

Today, Electron reappeared at my home quite changed, invited me for tea, but instead of tea, offered me a cow, then led me on a merry chase through interdimensional gateways. These strange devices transported us to a limbo filled with aught but the whistling wind. Our last jump left us falling several kilometres through empty space. An interesting, though bizarre, adventure.

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