Saturday, 28 October 2006

Other Lives

I refer to Second Life as This Life, only because it is but one of my many lives, perhaps the fourth or fifth, but hardly the second. I do not speak, as others are wont to do, of a change in career for then my count must multiply into the teens. I write of spiritual transport from one plane of existence to another. Such things happen more easily than might be imagined, and more frequently than expected.

My architectural career began in another life, and by happy fortune I have carried some evidence of those modest accomplishments with me into this existence. In that life one built with quite different primitives and enjoyed a quality of light that does not penetrate our clouds here. But one always built alone there and could not share the fruits of one's labour with others, and so I prefer our Community of avatars, angels, demons, intelligent insects, robed rodents, albino vulpines, mechanickal men and persons of all stations.

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