Friday, 26 October 2007


From the journal of Dr. Rafael Fabre, self-styled Steampunk Physician, I learned that the Palace of Versailles had been rebuilt in Second Life, and hastened there to see for myself. I have lived much too long out of my own age, among Victorians, Aegyptians, Edwardians, slave-trading barbarians, et cetera. What a profound pleasure to return to a part of the world and a place in time I recognize. Indeed, one feels quite at home dans la galerie des glaces - the Hall of Mirrors, et aupres des grandes eaux in the garden without. Voila, I cannot help but ascend to my native tongue, which has been worn out by so much English in recent centuries.

While chatting with tourists Mephistopheles Janus and Lilliput Little, the Quality made an entrance. I had the great honour of meeting a Duchess (la duchesse d'Orléans?) Janine Debevec, her lady-in-waiting StarMaker Boa, and their majordomo broc Zehetbauer, in period dress, and most friendly to these trespassers on their lovely build.

I implore you to visit: as ambitious as the magnificent Assisi, though perhaps not as accurate, Versailles is nevertheless a grand and wonderful build. I am sure StarMaker Boa will also want me to add, if you are half as delighted by their work as I was, you may vote for them in the green box by the entrance.
I shall return as soon and as oft as I am able, to study their fine work with much appreciation and no little joy.

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