Friday 27 July 2007

New Stage Manager

Faced with the ponderous burden of organizing Doctor Fluxus' act and keeping the magician in good humour, I accepted the stage management services of Pantalone, who immediately laid hand to task and in no time his Zanni had tidied away most of the first act. The bustling and banging awoke Doctor Fluxus who immediately rose and began to find fault. Pantalone defended his actions, the Doctor vociferously proclaimed her displeasure, raised her hand to punish his insolence, but was parried by an arm thrust from her opponent, and suffered a painful nose tweaking! Thankfully the stage swords are still packed or on my word they would have fallen to brawling! Now the two are sulking and fuming like infants, as I run between them smoothing tempers and listening to complaints. I suspect Doctor Fluxus of plotting to avenge herself upon Pantalone, and Pantalone of being too much attached to the fee I have promised him to leave us. I fear no good will come of this in the end. But the Show Must Go On!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I only have to content with the occasional sporking from Osprey. If she gets too uppity, I just close the curtain early on her.