Saturday, 23 February 2008

Smoke and Mayhem

Odd crashings, grindings and ejections from Second Life this week multiplied and resolved themselves into a sharp burning smell just as Caitlin's act was about to go on stage at The Show Must Go On rehearsal. I was certain I would not be able to appear; then a change of plans and I was free. Alas these happy circumstances turned black and acrid when a fan stopped spinning! White smoke and flame were quickly extinguished. I have spent the rest of my holiday afternoon finding and replacing vacuum tubes, steam boilers, condensers, testing and using bits and pieces of other machines, until I have now something that will serve until a new graphical engine arrives next week. I think it must have been the rusted robot's jokes - they blew a gasket in my world. Or some odd influenza that has been affecting so many of us this month.

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Osprey said...

Oh no! I had something similar occur with my old computer the other day. Having turned it on I received and emergency phone call and rushed out. It was off when I returned and upon startup had alarming news to impart: it had shut itself off due to overheating. I'm going to have it Seen To as soon as I can enlist the brute strength of a friend for the humping-it-to-the-computer-builders part.