Tuesday, 26 February 2008


I am haunted by these images, which I do not like, and which recur in dreams. I have met fantoms and vengeful spirits, and were I to write down all the instances of this kind which I have ascertained to have befallen others I know, the undertaking would be beyond measure laborious and troublesome. This particular ghost seems to have no purpose beyond reminding me of my own mortality, and I would be happy if it would leave off, for I do not need reminding, thank you very much.
I am troubled that he wears Dr. Fluxus' mantle and my cap - and that I have not seen the Doctor for many months. Perhaps it is a childish attempt to be annoying. I do not, will not, believe in portents.
Still, it has the most amazingly clean teeth!


Enjah Mysterio said...

in fact, the teeth seem somewhat fluorescent ... could that be the result of fluoridated toothpast, or possibly ultra violet lighting?

Young Geoffrion said...

I can ensure you, Enjah, after feeling this creature's hot breath on my neck for these past months, it rarely if ever brushes its teeth. Perhaps a luminescent species of bacteria coat and clean those choppers, but I hesitate to give a biological or physical explanation to a possibly daemonic phenomenon.