Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Uncanny Valley

I discovered Second Life through the writings of Hamlet Au in New World Notes and it remains the one broadsheet I read with regularity. I admire his ability to remain even-keeled while running in the most tempestuous issues. Even Voltaire, for all his charm and talent, was too proud to turn the cheek and declare, "fair enough" when his point of view was challenged. Hamlet first introduced my home to the world in a The World From My Window column last year. So it is with especial pride that I discover my face peering out from his Uncanny Valley column.
One must not attach too much importance to appearances, however, for we communicate our humanity in this Life through our works, our words, our deeds, and sometimes, our thoughts. These are the masonry upon which that uncanny bridge depends.
Thank you once again, Hamlet!

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