Thursday, 2 August 2007

A time for work, a time for play

I had a few hours available to accomplish some work on the Doctor's act, but Electron contacted me almost the instant I arrived to show off a new trick. "Don't be alarmed," she warned. What she did I shall never understand, but when I clicked on the steps of my Tempietto, my body was twisted into knots, eviscerated and drawn out like rope. Electron joined me in this novel tortured state, and I was so delighted by the unnaturalness of it I called Osprey and Enjah over to witness the magic. "It's a griefer attack" Osprey reassured us, not realizing perhaps we had perpetrated the mischief on ourselves. Well, I was deflated on the spot, feeling like an infant who has found a bowl of spaghetti for the first time and created a messy noodle masterpiece. General laughter all around, but I was quite red in the face from embarrassment.

Enjah and Electron stayed to preview the Doctor's act, and I imposed on Electron's patience to create some sparkles, smoke and fire, which shall enhance the Doctor's entry and exit. Fortuna est caeca, the inscription on my Miracle Stage, means "Fortune is Blind" but when Enjah asked about it, I realized what an unfortunate phrase it is in scatalogical English. I shall have to think of another or suffer raised eyebrows and worse from the cheap seats.

Electron lent me some moving picture house seats until the rest of my theatre is built, and Seppuku Packbiers, an old friend who shared his first conversation in Second Life with me, dropped by to see what the devil I had been up to in the eight or nine months since. So I was able to do another workshop.
Scene by scene, prop by prop, Doctor Fluxus progresses, but Oh! he is sloooow.

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