Sunday, 29 July 2007


Oh impiety! What unholy apparation is this? Upon arriving home late at night from the performance at Planet Bohemia, I perceived a great clanking and grinding that issued from the crypt beneath my feet. I thought the Doctor might be stirring and descended into the ground to see if I might be of some small service. This terrible phantom with dread aspect stood guard at the door, enraged and fearsome, swearing such oaths as can never be repeated, chorused by weeping and groaning and wailing! All the elements are confounded and shuffled into their former chaos. Oh horrors I shall die! I shall be eaten by worms, the same that ate my ancestors! I flew from that place deranged by fright, and sought the Doctor in all his haunts, without success. Pantalone is disappeared into the bargain.
Whose ghost has taken residence in my crypt? What is become of the Doctor? Why doth the apparition wear the Doctor's cloak? What do I do?

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