Monday, 11 December 2006

Mistakes in Building

Primarily these are committed against Proportion; Frugality; and Judgement, and you may see an example in the hasty erection of my new home in Orion. The result is squat, stoney and entirely unsatisfactory, a troll of a building, having none of the graceful measures of James Gibbs original at the Bodleian Library. Construction but halfway complete I had exhausted my prim budget and so certain mouldings and pillars have been rudely elided, and my land denuded of vegetation. And against my own strictures of planning, I attempted to rotate the whole, with the result that the structure now leans in a most Pisa-like fashion.

It must all come down and I must back to my draughting board. I miss my comfortable villa already!

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Osprey said...

It's really hard to tell proportions from photographs (in either the rl or your sl building) as the camera distorts, but your work certainly has a great deal more right than wrong. Prim limits make it hard to afford those upward-pointing details that lighten the mass, too.