Thursday, 21 December 2006

Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul,
As the swift seasons roll!
Leave thy low-vaulted past!

Mr. Wendell Holmes was referring to the chambered nautilus, but might have been speaking of mine own toiling soul, erecting my fourth structure in Orion. It is a more modest affair than my previous attempts, a mere hundred odd prims, leaving room for more building on my land, and a garden. It is small, one might complain crowded, but better suits an adventurer than a rambling villa or a massive library.

Osprey Therian has resurfaced after a winter storm quite displaced her in time and space, and for that we thank the powers that be, even while she rails against them herself. I half expect to see icicles hanging from her nose when I next see her.

I have also discovered Sky designs, and expect to do some shopping there. I like this desk, although there is another that inspires me to write without stop.

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