Friday, 17 November 2006

A Mustering of Dragons

I am not one for social gatherings, nightclubbs, dancing parties and like congregations of romantically inclined youths or spirit-befuddled wastrels. An invitation to a weyr of wyrms (so directs my dictionary of correct usage) is another matter, and I was treated to the spectacle of enormous creatures, scales ablaze and tails a-waving as they tarantella'd up and down the stepping floor. At times they speak an odd, hypnotic language (I caught references to sonic, and shadow, and knuckles that quite went over my head), and contary to my initial impression mix quite readily with humans.

A few hours later I explored the Outer Islands and discovered a lovely haunt that reminded me of an eccentric inventor I once met, and his sweet wife!

I felt as though I had seen everything, until I spotted this placard announcing the existence of mermaids. I shall be wandering up and down the strand with my eyes open on moonlit nights, listening for her dulcet and harmonious breath, that makes the sea grow civil at her song.

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