Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Show Preview

I was given the rare opportunity to try out two acts in the upcoming The Show Must Go On Season Two performance. The Synchronised Knitters Precision Drill Team have new costumes and a more daring course, braving collisions, aerial danger and ridicule. The Invisible Dancers took it all off, except Enjah who flashed a little underwear when she dropped her invisiprim. Osprey, Enjah and I went shopping at Sine Wave Island afterward, but the rather constant drudge of crashing and rebooting put an end to that fun. They have some lovely animations, but for some reason my viewer no longer likes to take photographs, so we have a bare post. ***Blushes furiously***

We were all in the same place at the same time, proving to HBA that I am not Osprey while she is asleep, for she could not be at the same time asleep and balancing on her unicycle, except he was nowhere to be found, poor baby-bothered man that he is.
(Perhaps she could, for I manage to fall asleep most inopportunely, while doing all manner of things. Very embarrassing.)


Osprey said...

It won't take pictures? Even using control-` (since you can't see that glyph look for the tilde key ~)?

That's awful.

HBAha! said...

Another theory consigned to the scrapheap of my stupidity!

Now get on one of them other 9 comps and take some snapshot - your blog is neked, woman!

Osprey said...

By the way, Yo, did you know HBA is actually - oh, wait, he might hear me :D

Young Geoffrion said...

Now I shall not rest with that dangling sentence hanging like a worm before me. HBA is actually...
... a host bus adapter
... a hillbilly aftershave
... a number 2 eraser
... an educated antelope
... a well-read mechanic
... ??!

You may whisper if necessary.

HBA... or am I? said...

Please make me interesting - monitoring the performance of EU funded projects is just so... boring :/

Osprey said...

You monitor the performance of EU-funded projects, HBA? Sounds... uh... like a fake job as used by an ultra-exciting undercover operative of the Bond (not the Smiley) sort, to deflect interest from himself.

A spread-sheet assassin?

Are you around at the moment, Yo?

Young Geoffrion said...

En route at the moment, Osprey, but will try to revisit on Sunday.

Young Geoffrion said...

Aye, and just what sort of projects is the EU funding that needs your attention? Building cyclotrons to shift the orbit of the earth? Tunneling to Singapore? Training and arming of cross-border ant colonies?