Monday, 14 January 2008

Forbidden Droplettes

I may not have made the front page of the People's Daily, or even the Beijing Evening News, but I drew no little attention bringing a solo Droplette act to the Forbidden City. I danced, I fainted, I danced again, until I was asked to kindly take my anachronistic antics somewhere else. I can't tell you what came over me. I usually conduct myself with gravitas when traveling. Well, troupe, there may be an audience for The Show Must Go On in China, but you must exercise better judgment than I did in your choice of venue.


Osprey said...

*packs rapidly*

I say we do a quick Droplettes performance in China - who's with me?

/me waits for delighted cheers.

Uh... well...

I do LOVE the pictures you took!

Enjah Mysterio said...

YAY! The Droplettes form an invading army of wiggly alcoholic drips ... ?