Sunday, 23 September 2007

Burning Life

I spent my only half hour this month paying tier and looking for friends. Alas, I shall have to write another paean to loneliness. Travel and obligations separate me from all those I love and respect, but my fate as an adventurer demands it.
I paid a brief visit to Burning Life, looking for Osprey's growing stones, on the groundless fear she might have sprouted tendrils, but found neither them nor their uprooted author. As you shall see I was watered by Emmanuel Lane's Green Man and entered a foal's vision of her future (doubtless the fire-spewing steed was the dream, the tiny angelic unicorns the nightmare!). The sliced face was a work of genius, a fascinating effect which I should like to adopt in my own builds. Pavig Lok's stylized landscape and Green Man mask was very appealing.

Above and beyond all these, and many other examples of creative minds hard at work, the one work of art I most enjoyed was Andrek Lowell's midnight forest. This artist has created an emotional space with an immediate impact, instilling a calm reverence and suggesting haunting spirituality that we rarely see in our World. This he or she (one must never assume) created with an admirable effortlessness and understated simplicity of idea and execution. The picture I show here does not do it justice. It was a lovely space where one could reconnect with the ancient arbor and its beleaguered giant inhabitants, long-suffering friends of man.


Osprey said...

My stones are there but I have neglected them. The awful drama during the preparatory period just sucked the joy out of me, for Burning Life. I need to get back there.

Bjorlyn Loon said...

Thank you for the lovely blog about Burning Life 2007! Hope you will come back to see more...22 sims of art and magic take a long while to take in!

And Osprey! We miss you!